Veteran Portrait Project

Veteran Portrait Project

Mission: To gift portraits to our Veteran Community as a way to give back… and thank them for their Honor, Commitment and Courage!

As a Navy Veteran and proud daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, my work as a portrait artist, has always had a tendency to show my love for our country, our flag, the fallen and for those who serve or have served.

I grew up knowing and seeing what PTSD looked like firsthand in our house. My father suffered from combat trauma and PTSD, and as his daughter, I wanted to share with my father an opportunity of how we can support each other and other Veterans and their families as well. This became my personal mission and journey to honor him as well as a way to give back to the Veteran Community.

There is an unwritten bond between Veterans and Art has the power to heal and connect people. These portraits give expression to emotions that may be difficult to voice and allow the veterans to look at themselves proudly again as a soldier.

Dedicated to and in Loving Memory of, my father:

Daniel E. Meisenhelder (April 25, 1946 – April 3, 2013)
US Army, C Company 15th Engineer Battalion, 9th Infantry, Tan An 1967-1968