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When I started this journey in 2011, I had no idea what a significant impact these portraits were going to have on the receiving veterans and their families. I was completely humbled my their response and appreciation. I soon was able to see what a gift of healing these portraits offer. It is a complete honor and a privilege to be able to share this with the community.

The CNN HEROES award show, which aired in Dec, 2017, featured my mission in a GIECO sponsored “mini story” commercial. The support that I have received has been incredible, but the mission still needs funds to continue.

There are so many “everyday” Veterans that just could use a “thank you” and these portraits leave a life long imprint of recognition. I have had many people support this journey, but in order to meet “the mission” of gifting 22 portraits per year, I ask for contributions. All contributions will go towards materials and the support of providing the gift of a portrait.

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