“Through the Eyes of a Soldier”

Open house and Art Tour hosted by Hooper Law and the Fox Valley Veterans Council. 

This was a very special day and I ended up with the opportunity to gift this Veteran Portrait “Cliff” to Cliff’s son, and Cliff’s dear wife Ella. 

Not only was that day a very powerful day… it was also the start of a new and beautiful friendship. Ella had started writing me and just like that – I had a Pen Pal!

She had lost Cliff less than a year before I had shared this portrait with her… and there was not one letter I received where she did thank me for keeping him so near and dear to her.

Through my journey as an artist – especially with working with the veteran related work – I can not begin to explain all of the little blessings I have unexpectedly received!

Just 10 days after her 94th birthday, the beautiful Miss Ella has joined the eternal walk of life and reunited with her true love, Cliff.

I am forever grateful for our time and letters we have shared. I had never met “Cliff” but can only imagine he would have been as incredible and inspiring as Miss Ella. Cheers and blessings to eternal love and happiness!